Intersections: Art, Institutions, Autonomous Spaces and Activism

BIP Erasmus + Barcelona, June 19 – 23, 2023

Organized and hosted by Department of Visual Arts and Design
– Section for Art and Visual Culture, Profs. Tjaša Kancler and Jacobo Sucari

The BIP Erasmus + program in Barcelona titled Intersections: Art, Institutions, Autonomous Spaces and Activism proposes to reflect on the relationships between autonomous and institutional spaces of contemporary art, taking up some lines of work present at the documenta fifteen and later developed further through the BIP Erasmus + program at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Vienna. The aim is to locate the points of tension, conflicts and contradictions as well as the transformative potentialities in the articulation of micro/political collective artistic practices. In opposition to the systemic capitalist tendencies of individualization, isolation and fragmentation, we want to address different experiences and artistic practices through which the possibility of un/learning together emerges, which also implies thinking beyond the academic conventions and the dominant art system.

Coming together in search of redefinitions, connectivity and re-existence:

*Students of the Department of Visual Arts and Design – Section for Art and Visual Culture, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Barcelona, Profs. Tjaša Kancler and Jacobo Sucari

Alicia Campo Bescós, Abril Carretero Balcells, Viola Hoffmann, Sen Reyes, Aeren Sànchez

*Students of the Kunsthochschule Mainz, Profs. Shannon Bool and Tamara Grcic, Assts. Moritz Seiboth (Bool class) and Lejla Jakupović (Grcic class)

Isabella Angioni, Gloria Bergner, Amrei Blomeyer, Greta Fay, Jeonghwan Gim, Julien Hübsch, Lejla Jakupović, Lorena Kiehle, Lilli Kübler, Swan Lee, Samira Liotta, Ramón Loesch, Joël Müller, Darya Osypchuk, Minh Phuong Nguyen, Tariano Schneider, Moritz Seiboth, Karl Tovar, Lisa Vogel, Helena Walter

*Students of the Studio for Post-conceptual Art Practices (PCAP), Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Prof. Marina Gržinić, Researcher Dr. Jovita Pristovšek

Asma Aiad, Anton Bennent, Jupiter Rhea Braun, Lukas Brunner, Henrie Dennis, Oke Fijal, Zora Fuhrmann, Nanna Jo Goksøyr, Gorgon*Urban, Lisa Hoffmann,Liese Schmidt, Saša Kesić, Ali Kianmehr, Aaron Kimmig, Sebastian Kokesch, Sebastian Konzett, Pramila Lama, Irene Landa, Lisa Lupsina, Dean Maassen, Vitória Monteiro, Philipp Muerling, Finn Mühl,Muslim*Contemporary, Mirjana Mustra, Valentin Pfenniger, Manuel Prammer, Moritz Kosa, prototo, Sisanmi Eureka Schuller, Fedor Shmelkin, Jas Sproule, un|rest group, Melina Vesely, Peter Maria Volkhardt.

BOOK: Contact Zones in Contemporary Art. Practices, Connectivity, Agencies

Cover image: Jupiter Rhea Braun, reading “Julián Is a Mermaid” to children at Weltmuseum Wien, Vienna, 2022.

This book is the result of an ongoing Erasmus+ project, the Blended Intensive Program (BIP) and is conceived as a structure of artistic practices that draw on the moment of crisis in search of redefinitions, connectivity and re-existence. It explores the relationship between language, representation, and reality to highlight the ways in which the meaning is constructed through signs, symbols, and codes, shaping our understanding of the world. The concepts that relate 63 contributions range from queering, undoing, unlearning, moving, documenting, living, caring, remembering, and encountering in ways that invite nonlinear, intertextual reading. In the abstraction of a color that in itself says much, and in the number of sections we thought of a decolonial language that addresses the legacy of colonialism and acknowledges the importance of centering marginalized voices from diverse cultural perspectives, reclaiming disempowered, and experimental knowledge systems. The contact zones for possible interrelations are literally in the hands of the reader.

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